更多出包王女 / Motto To LOVE-Ru / もっと To LOVEる -とらぶる- BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC + AAC,MKV 格式。每话约 750 MB。

To Love S2 对比 S1 画质可以说是质的飞跃,不仅是画面分辨率连画风也好上不少,不过预处理依然复杂,主要问题在于 Chapter 之间转场的静态画面锯齿较多并带有少许 ringing,与正片较为 soft 的画面形成对比,处理上只能分开处理。
先说下正片,画面盖着较为厚的噪点,好在没有 banding,线条也有少许锯齿,处理上也是简单的根据亮度进行降噪以及 AA。
针对静态画面,预处理试了不少种 AA + dering 方法,效果都不是很好,只能反向拉伸后用较为优秀的算法拉回 1080p,同理 ED 也是这样处理,考虑到 ED STAFF 是 FHD 的,处理上不好直接反向拉伸,并且 ED 里拉伸画面有大量高亮场景,STAFF mask 不好根据 STAFF 亮度进行设计,只能手画 mask 进行遮罩(幸好 STAFF 在的位置不是拉伸画面里,不然我要成人体描边大师了),成品效果还算令人满意。
The Second Season of To Love Ru has a significantly better image quality than Season 1 in terms of resolution and picture style. Lots of aliasing and a trace of ringing can be found in the static images between chapters whereas main videos have a relatively soft picture style. Pre-processing for the main videos included anti-aliasing and de-noising.
For the static images, we managed to use reverse-scaling and then to bring them back to 1080p with good algorithm, because many anti-aliasing and de-ringing methods did not work well. The same process was also applied on ED with additional masking around ED STAFF areas, the results were about satisfactory.

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